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Home Inspector Consulting Services

If a subscriber contacts PROSPEX for assistance with a customer complaint or demand, after receiving payment for providing customer complaint or demand assistance, PROSPEX will review all of the pertinent documents and discuss all of the specifics of the situation with the subscriber in detail. If, together, PROSPEX and the subscriber conclude that no inspection errors were made, then PROSPEX will assist the subscriber in refuting the complaint. If, together, PROSPEX and the subscriber conclude that inspection errors were made, PROSPEX will assist the subscriber with performing “damage control” to attempt to mitigate the customer's claim to the greatest extent possible. It is only by careful analysis and by being direct and honest that PROSPEX can be of the highest and best use to its subscribers.

Home Inspection Articles

PROSPEX currently provides thirty-two free inspection related articles and twenty-seven inspection business and marketing related subscribers-only documents. These include information on:

  • The PROSPEX Prototype Model “Home Inspection Authorization and Contract”
  • The PROSPEX Prototype Model “Description of Home Inspection Services and General Information”
  • The PROSPEX “Home Inspection Report Glossary”
  • Liability reduction information
  • Prototype report language
  • “The Home Buyer’s Guide to Home Inspection.”
  • “The Home Seller’s Guide to Home Inspection”
  • “The Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Home Inspection”

A full list of ProSpex articles and documents can be viewed by clicking Here.

Questions and input from PROSPEX subscribers continually result in research and new home inspection articles and documents which are available on line to all subscribers along with a tip-of-the-hat to any subscriber whose question or input prompts a new article or document. In this way, all PROSPEX subscribers continually benefit from each other’s experiences.

Home Inspector Consulting

All consulting is proprietary and confidential. Matters brought to PROSPEX by subscribers are kept in strictest confidence and will only be shared with other subscribers in a "sanitized" form. The importance of both constantly seeking and sharing information cannot be overemphasized. When home inspectors or home inspection companies rely solely on their own knowledge and experience, they do themselves and their customers a disservice and they increase their own exposure.

Our goal is to help PROSPEX subscribers become recognized as the individuals who represent the highest degree of competence, technical knowledge, and excellence in their market area and to reduce the potential for both actual and perceived inspector errors and inspector losses. This translates into both greater confidence and fewer sleepless nights for subscribers as well as greater peace of mind for both home buyers and real estate professionals.




"I Learned About Inspecting From That!"

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Current Story

“When one of my customers, a lawyer, demanded money for what he said was a mistake I made on an inspection, I was sure he was wrong, but I wasn’t confident that I could prove it.  Kevin patiently helped me analyze the situation.  He reviewed the Standards, my contract, my report, and the demand letter, then helped me write a response.  Once I sent it, I never heard another word from my customer.  And the ProSpex articles and documents are invaluable to my continuing education.”
 T. G.   Arizona










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